The biggest news from our summer newsletter starts here, once again from a uniquely Italian tale, in this case all about gelato. A topic very much in sync with the season, it makes for the perfect intro into an asset part of Illva Saronno for more than 30 years, one that’s enabled the holding to attain leadership also in the manufacture and marketing of ingredients and semi-finished goods for ice cream production. 

Passion for “made in Italy”

Ice cream in general has no clear history, no one distinct land of origin. Some people say it dates back to the ancient Romans, others to the Greeks; other sources still claim it comes from the Arabs. The ice cream – or gelato – we enjoy today is surely the expression of an evolution in the Italian style of making it, which is why the whole world knows it by the name Italian artisanal gelato. The combo between a common passion for products made in Italy and the holding’s own basic business smarts led Illva Saronno a number of years ago to invest in this strategic sector. Now the group owns several relative brands, each one devoted to the development of a range of specific products with a particular set of features and values.

Anselmi 1892

Is the top of the line product for Italian gelatieri to use in making ice cream: the selection of premium materials and the offering of exquisitely Italian flavors put it in the non plus ultra category at gelato counters in Italy. The bestsellers are pistacchio verde di Bronte DOP (authentic Bronte green pistachio), nocciola Piemonte IGP (authentic Piemonte hazelnut) and Crema Anselmi (an old-fashioned type of vanilla). In 2020 Anselmi began working with the Institute of Italian Excellence Certificates, which through a panel of qualified sensory judges traces the organoleptic properties of the company’s preparations for making artisanal gelato: Anselmi products are the only in its category to boast an exact identification of the aromatic profile



Since 1936, Prodotti Stella has won recognition for the excellent quality of the products it offers to artisanal gelatieri and pasticceri. So, not surprisingly, it aims first and foremost to create ingredients that will enable the artisan ice cream maker or fine pastry baker to express his or her very best.
With the All Natural range, in 2004 Prodotti Stella became the first company in the sector to begin going all natural in the creation of its products. Such is an extra special feature in the company’s daily commitment to instilling trust in consumers thanks to the constant pursuit of transparency and a keen eye on the principles of nutrition (wholesome food).


which dates to the second half of the 1960s, claims fame for its pioneering role in the Italian gelato business thanks to the introduction of a global approach in serving the professional.
Montebianco is able to provide artisan gelatieri with the right solution for whatever type of need. And by doing so, through the years many of the company’s products have signaled epochal changes for the sector, as in the creation of various iconic brands (Stabilmix, Doppiozero, GelatoCaldo).
Thus Montebianco helps foster the creativity of the artisan gelatiere, while also meeting new consumer tastes. All on a journey where fanciful innovation and qualitative satisfaction go nicely hand in hand.




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